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Core concepts

Core concepts

How the Pin internally works

What is a Pin Spacer?

The Pin Spacer is the container where the Pin itself (with all its children) moves when pinned. It tells the Pin where the boundaries of its movement are.


What the heck is a tween?

From gsap docs (opens in a new tab):

A Tween is what does all the animation work - think of it like a high-performance property setter. You feed in targets (the objects you want to animate), a duration, and any properties you want to animate and when its playhead moves to a new position, it figures out what the property values should be at that point applies them accordingly. (Read more) (opens in a new tab)

In this library we took this tween definition and use it with a few tweaks1 for our Animation component and its variants (Pin, Parallax, etc.)


  1. For example we remove the duration and use start and end props based on the scrolling progress inside the <Pin /> component to set the correct duration for each animation (tween).